Small Business

Fahrenheit Global specialise in providing responsive, professional fire safety engineering and building code consulting solutions to small businesses. We excel at fire safety & fire protection engineering. Fire safety engineering spans multiple disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, structural and civil. We are experts with a breadth of understanding, able to bring focused attention at an elite level to each project challenge we face, drawing upon our knowledge and experience in fire protection engineering to support the protection of buildings and occupants.

Fahrenheit Global’s experience includes the design of new construction, evaluation of existing buildings, renovations, and tenant improvements, in addition to third-party review services (Fire Orders) on behalf of local councils. This blend of clientele enables us to respond effectively to fast-track projects in the design-build arena, while addressing the detailed level of scrutiny demanded with regard to fire protection and life safety code requirements. We also are proficient in reviewing project drawings with regard to significant fire protection and building code life safety requirements. We have applied performance-based design approaches and developed alternate means and methods strategies on a variety of projects.

Our thoughtful solutions and expertise, especially in the unique science of fire engineering and accessibility consultants, has established Fahrenheit Globals reputation among project teams and local councils as a local leader in fire engineering. Serving repeat clients and councils in this manner has solidified the legacy that Fahrenheit Global  has established and continues to build upon.