Performance-Based Design

When a prescriptive approach to a code compliance challenge is simply not sufficient.

As a pioneer in the science of performance-based design, we know how to develop alternate methods for satisfying the fire protection and life safety intent of codes and standards applicable to your project. Our consultants have real-world experience applying performance-based design techniques to just about any type of building or facility imaginable.

Fire engineering can start with either the codes or with the design. With a Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) approach one should expect to compromise elements of the architectural vision in making the design code compliant.

With a Performance Based Solution, fire engineers give themselves the far more difficult task of protecting the vision by creating a bespoke strategy through fire engineering. It is a scientific approach that uses the statistics of real fires, calculation tools and studies of human behaviour. This preserves the architectural design and provides value by reducing over-specification caused by conservative codes and allows the fire protection to be deployed where the risk is.

Taking this approach means we have to shoulder more of the risk. We believe it is a price worth paying. With every project being a prototype, we push the boundaries. This not only equips us to handle the extra risk, but has been central to us being able to continually improve what we offer: better value and safer buildings.

Our portfolio includes significant projects in all building sectors with some of our most impressive work in sectors which are amongst the most challenging to fire engineer. These include high rise, education, sports facilities and healthcare.