Fire Engineering

Fire engineering can have a huge impact on project potential, opening up design possibilities obscured by generic codes and helping clients to manage risk within a workable budget.

Fahrenheit Global’s Australian portfolio includes fire engineering for significant projects in all building sectors, including healthcare, education, commercial, retail, residential and sports facilities.

Stadiums, high rise buildings, places of worship, embassies, power stations, mines and other public spaces are all notable areas of growth in our recent work. Increasingly, we have been working on projects in Eastern Europe, Argentina and new markets further a field.

We believe that our rapid success has been due to our explicit customer focus. It is our policy to assess every project on a completely individual basis. In place of pre-conceived ideas about legislation and practice, we apply the active and wide-ranging expertise needed to respond precisely to specific requirements for safety, value, design and delivery.

In a field where familiarity with new developments in technology, best practice and law are critical, we ensure that our corporate knowledge is constantly refreshed and expanded. We maintain links with university research projects and recruit team members with rare and wide-ranging combinations of expertise.