Code Consulting Services

Helping meet the intent of the code while enabling designers to maximise their creativity.

A strong working knowledge of building codes, their origins, development, and intent, is the basis for our confident interpretation and application of these requirements. To ensure compliance, evaluate alternatives, or seek approval of code equivalences consult Fahrenheit Fire. Our approach provides for cost effective solutions and design flexibility.

Plan Review
Plan review services during design development and the preparation of construction documents ensures compliance with the applicable codes. We provide a fresh set of eyes to avoid surprises at the time of building permit application.

Code Analysis
Sometimes the basics get lost in the shuffle. What is your construction type? Is the project in compliance with height and area limitations? We also perform careful occupant load calculations and determine required fire resistance ratings.

Existing Buildings
Code requirements for existing buildings are complex and confusing. We can survey existing conditions, provide a code analysis that sorts out the key compliance issues, and identify any necessary code compliance alternatives or variances.

Code Interpretation and Equivalency Development
All codes allow the use of alternative materials, equipment or methods of design or construction. These alternatives must be approved by the local building official. Fahrenheit Fire has experience identifying, documenting, and gaining approval for these equivalences.