External wall cladding

– Fire Safety Assessments

Identifying unsafe cladding and ensuring buildings are safe.

State Government is taking action to identify unsafe cladding and ensure buildings are safe. It has also introduced new laws to ban unsafe building products from use across the country.

Make Sure your building is safe:

  • Find out if your building has aluminium cladding, also known as Aluminium Composite panels (ACP) or other cladding materials that could be a fire hazard;
  • Check whether your building’s fire safety statement is up to date
  • Have one of our accredited fire safety engineers inspect any cladding
  • Take immediate action to make recommended changes

The exterior facades of many modern buildings are constructed from numerous component parts. These components may have been installed on site or assembled in a factory to form a cladding unit. Recent building designs have been tailored to achieve some stunning appearances using an ever increasing variety of materials; but coupled with such diversity comes the potential for problems associated with design, workmanship, durability of materials and security of fixings.

Fahrenheit Global’s qualified fire safety engineers will appraise and assess the condition of exterior building components. Our multi phase assessment includes:

  1. Carrying out a external building inspection to determine if the building is cladded. On completion of the initial site investigation Fahrenheit Global will issue the building manager, strata company or the executive committee with a consultant’s advice, advising if;
    1. NO cladding is present the CA will advise that no further action is required. or
    2. Cladding is present (YES), Fahrenheit Global will need to confirm type and fire rating.

If Cladding is present on the building the following actions will be required to be carried out in sequence:

  1. Review all the design, construction and approval documents for the building to determine whether external wall cladding was installed on the building.
  2. If the no documentation can be supplied or the exact type of cladding used at the above subject address a sample will be sent to a NATA approved laboratory to determine the fire rating of the material. A test sample of the cladding material will need to be collected during the site assessment
  3. Submit a fire engineering assessment report to the building management team out lining the fire rating of the installed cladding, its compliance with Performance requirements CP2 of the relevant BCA & AS1562, AS4256.  The report will in-corporate a scope of works, that will be required to be carried out by contractors in order to comply with the requirements outlined by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

In addition following client recognition of the complexities of some cladding systems, we are becoming increasingly involved in the design stages, advising on the best use of materials to achieve long term performance.

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