Access Audits & Compliance

Fahrenheit Accessibility Consultants provide a two  stage access review for future developments and a planned programme of overall access improvement. The review includes an inspection of the facilities to appraise its accessibility judged against predetermined criteria.

The access review will be an useful starting point in assessing the current state of accessibility and usability of the existing facilities.

The two stages access review will assist in understanding your due diligence in regards to access and your obligations under the ‘Disability Discrimination Act 1992’ (DDA).

Access Appraisal

The first stage of the two part process includes an inspection of the  existing conditions within your facility, being a hotel hospital, community centres, office building, etc. on completion of the audit Fahrenheit Accessibility Consultants provide a general overview of non-compliance key access issues, rather than detailed elements, that will be relevant in identifying priority works across the facilities.

Key Access Issues:

  • Accessible Car Parking,
  • Pathways (Access-ways),
  • Internal Access-ways (corridors),
  • Entrances,
  • Ramps, Kerb Ramps and Step Ramps,
  • Stairs,
  • Designated Accessible Toilet,
  • Change/shower facilities,
  • Signage,
  • Fixed seating/ outdoor seating,
  • Kitchen, Dining & Servery benches,
  • Contrasts,
  • Hearing Augmentation,
  • Floor/Ground Surfaces,
  • Emergency Egress & Evacuation,
  • Lifts,
  • Customer Service Area/Reception

The report will include the following information:

  • Access Standards breached,
  • General regulations contravened,
  • Description of non-compliance,
  • Photograph record of non-compliance


Access Audit

In order to achieve  the legal requirements of the DDA 1992 and improve disabled access and egress and in return increase your customers independence and participation in community as well as help protect you from claims of disability discrimination a full access audit is required to be carried out.

Based on the surveyed key elements emerging from the Access Appraisal Report Fahrenheit Disability Consultants identify the specific elements contained in the non-compliance areas. The Access Audit will consist of a detailed examination against a pre-determined criteria based on the accessibility provisions of the ‘Building Code of Australia’ (BCA) and ‘Australian Standards AS1428’ series