Assembly Projects

We understand the challenges…

Whether the project involves a museum full of priceless objects, an open-air stadium or a sprawling convention complex, in most cases the building codes do not address the special needs of large assembly occupancies. Fahrenheit Global’s fire & accessibility consultant teams work closely with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction to establish code equivalences and emergency response plans to protect the occupants without compromising the facility’s functional needs.

Corporate Real Estate Projects

In a highly competitive real estate market, an office or retail building must be adaptable to the changing space requirements of its tenants. The right master plan will enable fire protection and security systems to perform intended functions, interface seamlessly with building automation systems, assure serviceability and comply with applicable codes and standards

Education Projects

Educational facilities are always in a state of physical transformation; new buildings being constructed while older structures undergo remodelling and retrofitting. The type of occupancy changes from building to building; from a multi-story dormitory to a research laboratory to a sports arena. The fire and security challenge is one of integration. People must be protected, property must be safeguarded and both access and egress must be provided.

Government Projects

Australian Federal and State governments maintain strict guidelines regarding the addition of qualified consultants, if its is accredited fire engineers or access & disability consultants to the design teams involved with Federal construction projects. Local government expects the engineering consultant to be involved in all phases of the project from concept development to final working drawings. The ultimate goal is a close working relationship between the government agency, the design team and the fire protection consultant.

Healthcare Projects

There are a variety of regulations that govern fire, life safety and accessibility requirements in a healthcare facility. The project team must be aware of all state and local laws as well as building codes as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. In order to maintain the facility’s accreditation, it is also necessary to prepare and use the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations Statement of Conditions.

High-Rise Residential Projects

Achieving life safety in a high-rise building involves rapid egress for occupants, accessibility for persons with a disability and open access for fire fighters in an emergency situation. Maintaining a secure building requires limiting access to authorised occupants on a floor-by-floor basis. Only when the consultant integrates the requirements of both fire protection, security and accessibility can the life safety environment of the building be elevated. The skill of the consultant in planning the project, from evaluation and design through construction management and occupant training, also can save both the owner and the tenants time, money and inconvenience.

Industrial Facilities Projects

As industrial companies strive to remain competitive in a global economy, they must upgrade processes, install new equipment and modernise plant facilities on a continuous basis. Because no plant can afford a threat to employees’ safety or interrupted production, the role of the consultant goes far beyond specifying the actual fire protection and security systems. The consultant must play an important role in making sure emergency response plans, policies and procedures are put in place; and that plant fire, safety and security personnel are trained react to a variety of threats, from fires and chemical spills to security breaches.