When You Need a Fire Investigator in Sydney, Call Fahrenheit Global Private Fire Investigators

Regardless of whether a fire was accidental or the result of natural causes, negligence, faulty equipment, or arson, a private fire investigator is trained to collect and analyse evidence to identify the cause of a fire and to determine whether anyone is liable for the damages.

Who Uses the Services of a Private Fire Investigator?

If your property was damaged by fire or you suffered a physical injury due to fire, you might want to claim damages from the people responsible or need evidence for an insurance claim. Fahrenheit Global can investigate and submit a full report with findings.

Insurance companies lose billions of dollars every year due to inflated or fraudulent fire damage claims. If an insurer suspects negligence or arson, our investigation could lead to evidence that will deny or lower the amount claimed. If someone suspects you of arson, a fire investigator in Sydney can seek to prove your innocence and clear your name.

Determining the Cause of a Fire Requires Training and Experience

After a fire or explosion, it can be challenging to put together the pieces of the puzzle from the remaining ashes. At Fahrenheit Global, our fire investigation team have master’s degrees and years of experience in fire and arson investigations and fire protection engineering. Our private fire investigators can inspect the site to determine the cause and origin of a fire, and we can reconstruct its development and progress from the evidence we gather. We can also assess whether buildings and materials were compliant with the applicable codes. If needed for witness testimony, we can develop a computer simulation of the of the event.

Fahrenheit Global Investigates All Types of Fire and Explosions

Fires are caused by an ignition source and after that continue to spread if fuel and oxygen are available. An open flame, spark, glowing embers, friction, or chemical reaction could all start a fire, and anything flammable from construction materials to liquids and dust can act as fuel. Where arson is suspected, private fire investigators must contend with the possibility that the arsonist removed the ignition source from the scene. A private fire investigator must use scientific methods to establish the area of origin and cause of the fire and to determine what factors caused the fire to escalate.

Whether it’s a fire in a residential or commercial structure or involves vehicles, machinery or maritime vessels, Fahrenheit Global can investigate the cause. Our private fire investigators can also examine explosions in industrial settings, storage facilities and silos, and fires where flammable liquids are involved.

Fahrenheit Global conducts fire investigations to the highest standards all over Australia, and we work with private as well as commercial clients. We don’t associate with insurance underwriters, equipment manufacturers or engineering service providers; with us, we can assure you of an unbiased and independent evaluation. Contact or call us at 02 8347 1233 for a private fire investigator to assist with your enquiry.