The Importance of Hiring a Forensic Arson Investigator During Any Fire Investigation

It takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to determine the exact cause and nature of a fire. Through the process of arson investigation, forensic fire investigators can help aid the criminal justice system while representing their client’s best interests. If you’re interested in learning more about what a forensic arson investigation can offer, read on for more information about this process and what Fahrenheit Global can provide.

What Takes Place During a Forensic Investigation at a Possible Arson Site

As a rule, any time that arson may be reasonably suspected at a fire scene, a qualified arson investigator should be called as soon as possible. There are many potential motives behind this particularly destructive crime, ranging from psychological issues to the act of intentionally setting a fire to cover up other fraudulent or illegal activities. That’s why any suspicious incidence of fire should be thoroughly investigated to rule out this possibility.

While most fire departments have their own professional investigators, it’s possible to hire your own arson investigator to help you build your case or to stand in as a witness at a trial. A trained forensic arson investigator can process the scene of any fire incident for the tell-tale clues of foul play and is usually able to determine with great accuracy whether a fire was likely accidental or started intentionally.

Arson cases remain among the most challenging of incidents to investigate, but there have been significant improvements in forensic technology and our understanding of fire science over the years that have helped to advance investigative techniques. Because all potential criminal cases must be held to a high standard of accuracy, all investigative methods must be as thorough and comprehensive as possible, including an in-depth collection of evidence, documentation, and using eyewitness accounts when appropriate. While a forensic investigation of arson may take time, having a clearer picture of what took place can be invaluable.

How a Comprehensive Forensic Investigation of Arson Can Help

As fire and arson investigators, the engineers at Fahrenheit Global have worked on behalf of building owners and insurers across Australia and worldwide. We have helped represent individual clients as well as major blue-chip corporations and are ready to take on your case with the same thoroughness and attention to detail that we offer for our largest clients. When you contact us regarding your needs for a forensic arson investigation, we will work with you to understand your situation fully and make sure that you are represented throughout the criminal investigative and judicial process.

We are an independent consultancy and engineering company committed to safeguarding your business or property. As such, we will work tirelessly in an unbiased manner and carry out all our investigations according to the highest possible standards. Although we can’t stop arson from happening, we hope that our hard work will help to point law enforcement in the right direction and perhaps discourage future incidents from occurring.

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact Fahrenheit Global for more information about our fire investigation services, or for any general enquiries regarding our fire engineering and safety services.