24 June 2022

Effective Project Management with Fire Safety Engineers

Part of managing a construction project is to manage the various skillsets that come into play through the planning phase. During this time, various stakeholders and experts will come together to discuss the project goals. From profitability to design aesthetic, many key decisions will be made to ensure the exercise is a success. When an Architect is brought into the project to commence their initial draft concepts, the Project Manager will likely also engage with a Fire Safety Engineer at this point. 

A Fire Safety Engineer will bring with them their understanding of the legislation, safety requirements and best practices to ensure the building achieves its structural goals while maintaining the highest level of safety. This includes evaluating accessibility for tenants to ensure they can evacuate the building successfully. It also includes advising on the best materials to be used to construct the build to reduce the risk of fire spread internally and externally. 

A Fire Safety Engineer will work with the development team and Architect to construct fire mitigation systems, assess ventilation and alarm systems. Their role is to safeguard the structure, assets within the building, the surrounding buildings and environment, and most importantly to protect human life. They will assess all plans and drawings with this at the forefront. Their expertise are critical for the success of any large scale structure and must be incorporated early on in the project. 

Benefits of Engaging a Fire Safety Engineer Early On 

When engaging a Fire Safety Engineer early in the project, you can reduce the number of changes made to the project as the timeline progresses, and the deadline closes in. Remedial work is generally required to achieve compliance. If a Fire Safety Engineer is brought-in in an advisory or consultancy role, their revisions to the project will be heavily reduced as their advice and guidance will have impacted the plans thus far. Collaboration is key when constructing a large development, and the expertise of fire safety professionals are critical to ensure optimal safety for all tenants. 

Do You Need a Fire Safety Engineer?

A fire safety engineering firm can provide assistance with the planning or development of a building. Your Fire Safety Engineer needs to be qualified in fire safety, as well as the relevant guidelines and legislation that apply to your project in order to effectively support your project from start to finish. 

Fahrenheit Global's experience covers a range of sectors from development to construction. In addition to assessments and reports, Fahrenheit Global also provides professional guidance to help you meet your goals while considering the environment. Providing professional Fire Safety Engineers for largescale construction operations across Australia, Fahrenheit Global has established an excellent track record for supporting both residential and commercial construction projects.

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