3 June 2022

Construction Design with Fire Safety Engineers

Fire Safety Engineering is a critical component of any large construction or development. For professionals working within the development sector, they will be familiar with the process of engaging a fire safety professional to support the progress of their project. 

What is a Fire Safety Engineer? 

A Fire Safety Engineer’s overarching goal is to protect human life with the accurate implementation of fire safety protocols and measures within design. The design of a building must achieve a functional and aesthetic goal for the client. However, the safety of the structure in the event of a fire must be carefully considered. This will greatly affect the success of the structure as the building must meet specific guidelines to achieve occupancy and to meet relevant codes.  

How does a Fire Safety Engineering Firm Support you? 

A Fire Safety Engineer will support the safety and progress of your project by analysing certain aspects of the structure and enhancing them if necessary. They will provide expert guidance throughout the process and can best support you if engaged early in the planning process. They can outline the inclusions which must be considered, advise on materials which cannot be used, and which materials are recommended and more. 


Accessibility is one of the key areas that a Fire Safety Engineer will assess. Accessibility is critical for the safe evacuation of all tenants. Accessibility must be made possible for all occupants. This includes those who are not able bodied, the elderly and the young. Any potential hazards which may hinder the evacuation of occupants will be heavily assessed and improved upon with suggestions from the fire safety professional. Fire mitigation technologies must also be designed and installed to reduce the spread of fire and smoke to further safeguard evacuation procedures. Accessibility with also impact the ability for emergency services to assist evacuation and to distinguish any fires. 

Analysis & Reporting 

Professional analysis and reporting are critical for the approval of building designs. A Fire Safety Engineering firm plays a critical role in achieving compliance for your structure. It is therefore imperative that you engage a qualified Fire Safety Engineer to support you during your project. They will be able to provide professional analysis of project design, with complete reporting to take your project through the final stages of planning before you can commence construction. 

Is it Time to Engage a Fire Safety Engineer?

An engineering firm that specialises in fire safety can be of assistance when planning or developing any building. Your Fire Safety Engineer must be qualified and up to date with the ever-changing guidelines and requirements to ensure they have the experience and skills needed to successfully support your project from start to finish. 

Fahrenheit Global has over 20 years of experience in development and construction in several sectors. The Fahrenheit Global services include assessments, reports, underpinned by professional guidance to see you through the ups and downs of construction design. 

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