Qualified and Experienced Fire Investigators for Sydney, NSW

Fire investigations require a systematic approach using knowledge and experience of basic fire science. Often, investigating a fire incident can be complicated and intricate yet having the right technical professional is critical to the successful outcome of fire-related litigation. At Fahrenheit Global, our professional staff of fire investigators for the Sydney and NSW area are all highly qualified and experienced in their job.

Fire Investigator for NSW offer Unique Skills

Our fire protection engineers offer our clients unique skills and experience while providing a technical advantage when a fire investigator in Sydney, NSW in needed. Qualifications of our investigators include a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering, and Fire & Arson Investigations as well as being involved continuously in professional practices where they are up to date with the latest developments in fire protection engineering.

When employing the services of our qualified fire investigators, you can be sure that they will utilise the outline of the NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations along with their experience in design and analysis of fires. These are in accordance with the latest codes, standards and accepted professional practices. However, we hold all our investigators and team to a high standard of work, and as a company, we have eight core values that we follow.

These values ensure that each member of our company work to find out precisely what our clients require and that those needs are not only meet but exceeded. We aim to do the right thing ethically and professionally, deliver consistent high-quality work with technical excellence, respond promptly and focus on meeting our clients’ challenges with unique solutions. By adhering to these principles our team members and fire investigators in Sydney as well as around the world have a clear understanding of what is expected and, therefore, our clients will have confidence and assurance in the work we undertake on their behalf.

International Investigation and Experience

Our extensive range of clients doesn’t just include our Australian customers. We also deal with overseas companies in Europe and Indonesia, as well as Italy, Argentina, and the Middle East. Regardless of the size or nature of the project, all our clients throughout Sydney, NSW and around the world receive the same high standard and quality service, with the aim being a successful outcome and exceeding expectations.

With the intricacies and complicated nature of fires, our experienced investigation team are highly skilled at determining the cause or origin of the fire, no matter what the circumstances. They are also adept at analysing all sizes and types of fires, from small fires to blazes causing complete losses and leaving nothing other ash remains.

When there’s an investigation of property loss in Sydney, it’s critical to have skilled fire investigators who will find the necessary details involved in complex incidents including the key facts needed in determining if arson may have been involved. For situations where a fire investigator is required, contact us for a professional qualified service.