Fire Scene Investigation Services for all Businesses and Companies in Sydney

A fire investigation in Sydney involves the analysis of a fire-related incident. Whether it be a residential or business property or vehicle, a fire scene investigation of the Sydney incident is launched after the firefighters have extinguished the fire to determine the origin or cause of the fire. At Fahrenheit Global, we are experienced and qualified to carry out such investigations using a systematic approach.

Comprehensive Fire Investigation Services in Sydney

Our vast range of services for residential homes as well as small and large companies are to aid people with managing their fire, health and safety obligations. We offer comprehensive fire investigation services within the Sydney area which are carried out by our qualified and professional staff of fire protection engineers. Our engineers have a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering, and Fire & Arson Investigations to provide our clients with a technical advantage in the fire analysis process.

Determining the origin and cause of a fire or explosion is generally intricate and complicated. Our experienced team of fire engineers are highly adept at analysing the remains of a fire scene and putting together the many pieces of the puzzle. They have experience in investigating small fires with partial damage as well as fires where only ash remains.

Using a skilled forensic team, our services extend to determining if arson has been involved as well as the cause of the fire. We can usually uncover the entire story of the fire or explosion with the scene investigation, determination of origin, post-event reconstruction, computer modelling, and witness testimony. Our team of highly-skilled professionals work together to do what is right for the client and offer high-quality work with results.

Services that go Above and Beyond

To provide quality services that obtain results, our company is guided by eight core values. These values include ethically and professionally doing what is right, delivering consistently high-quality work with technical excellence, as well as focusing on meeting our clients’ challenges with unique solutions. Our professionalism motivates us to aim for client success and not just satisfaction.

Whether the nature of the project or investigation is large or small, we aim to exceed the requirements of our clients’ and give them a fast yet thorough response. We also take our individual and team performance seriously and are accountable for the work that we do. With this in mind, our high standard of work has seen us work with blue-chip companies throughout Australia, Indonesia, and Europe as well as Italy, Argentina, and the Middle East.

Our engineers are also engaged in professional practice in addition to fire investigations, so they remain involved in the latest developments of fire protection engineering. The constant personal development of our staff includes designing fire sprinkler and alarm systems and performing computer fire modelling as well as presenting their research findings at professional conferences.

When searching for fire investigation companies in Sydney, you can be assured that we are one that our clients trust. To get your fire investigated by professional contact us today.