Fire Investigation Companies in Australia Provide Valuable Fire Scene Investigation Services

Fahrenheit Global provides fire investigation services to private individuals and companies to determine the origins of a fire and to find out whether it was the result of natural causes or arson. Where there’s a claim for damage to property or loss of lives, we can help to determine liability due to negligence or a wilful act of arson. Fire scene investigation is not only about finding the origins of a fire or explosion, but by learning what caused a fire, we may learn valuable lessons to help to prevent the tragedy of death or damage to property in future.

On-Scene Fire Investigation

The best way to find out what really happened at the scene of a fire is to conduct an on-scene fire investigation. By inspecting the damage, fire investigators can determine the origin and cause of a fire and find out what circumstances caused the fire to spread. At an on-scene fire investigation, it is possible to document and interpret the physical damage and to interview witnesses for first-hand information. We collect samples for laboratory examination and analysis. When the investigation is complete, we collate our findings into a comprehensive report that you can use for litigation.

Computer Modelling and Compliance Assessments

Sometimes fire investigation companies only become involved when a dispute over the circumstances of a fire arises long after the scene of a fire is no longer available for inspection. In such cases, Fahrenheit Global can do a technical assessment of documents, photos, eyewitness accounts, and laboratory reports to make a post-event reconstruction or computer simulation of the fire. With our background in fire protection engineering, we can also provide guidance on whether the technical standards of materials involved in the fire met legal requirements.

All Types of Fire Should be Investigated

Fahrenheit Global conducts all types of fire investigation in Australia. Fires can occur in residential or commercial structures as well as vehicles, machinery, and ships. At Fahrenheit Global, we’re equipped to investigate any fire or explosion to determine the ignition source and circumstances that lead to its uncontrolled burning. The essential purpose of a fire investigation is to establish how a fire started and find out the likely cause so that it can be determined whether the incident was natural, accidental, or deliberate. In the case of natural and accidental fires, we can recommend measures to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future. In the case of a deliberate fire, we gather evidence so that a legal investigation can be conducted, and the responsible parties held liable.

Finding the cause of a fire is only one of the services we can provide at Fahrenheit Global. We are committed to fire prevention measures that will save people’s lives and property. Our fire investigation team are qualified and have many years of experience in fire protection engineering and arson investigations. If you need fire investigation services, contact us or call us at 02 8347 1233.