Why Fire Forensic Investigators Play a Crucial Role in Future Fire Prevention

As fire investigators, our team members at Fahrenheit Global are responsible for determining the cause or origin of a blaze. This process is essential for numerous reasons, from determining whether a crime was committed somewhere along the line or identifying weaknesses in a building’s fire safety protections. The biggest challenge with fire investigations, though, is that fires often destroy the evidence that might shed some light on how they occurred in the first place. When a house fire reduces the dwelling to a pile of rubble and ashes, how can anyone make sense of the chaos to determine precisely what happened?

Our Fire Forensic Investigators at Fahrenheit Global

At Fahrenheit Global, we provide numerous different services in connection with fires and fire prevention. These services range from fire safety engineering (where we offer project design advice with the goal of maximising fire safety) to fire safety management (where we help building owners prepare fire safety manuals, evacuation plans and other strategic resources for their premises). We are not, in other words, just fire investigators.

With that point made, ‘fire forensic investigator’ is absolutely a role that we play—and one of the most challenging roles, to boot. When it comes to identifying the sources or origins of a blaze, our engineers are extremely skilled at seeing things that other people can’t. This ability comes from years of study and dedication. Our engineers and forensic investigators all have master’s degrees in Fire Protection Engineering and Fire & Arson Investigations. They know which details to look for to distinguish an arson crime from an accidental fire, or to figure out if the fire started with a candle or a curling iron that was left on by accident. They are, to put it simply, extremely skilled at reading fires.

Hiring a fire investigator is something that has value in many situations. For instance, at Fahrenheit Global, we are often hired to rule out arson as the cause of a fire. If arson is suspected, we may be asked to serve as court witnesses to testify on the matter. We also work with insurers and building owners to help them formulate a better understanding of what happened and who or what is to blame.

Forensic fire investigators are often linked to criminal investigations. However, we also play a crucial role in improving fire safety for buildings and clients. For every fire that reduces a structure to nothing but ash and dust, many fires get stopped before they lead to total destruction. In those cases, our insight on the causality of the blaze can help the building owner identify safety hazards in his or her building—and resolve them before they lead to future fires.

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Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire at your home or business or trying to get to the bottom of a fire-related insurance investigation, teaming up with a fire investigator will deliver a laundry list of benefits. Call Fahrenheit Global today to get started.