Fahrenheit Global Provides Fire Forensic Experts in Sydney

When we think of a fire, we think “destruction.” A fire spreads extremely fast and annihilates anything in its path. Years of memories, work, and comfort can be lost in the blink of an eye. Fires bring with them a large amount of heartache and devastation.

As a business owner, the science behind the development or spread of the fire may not be your leading thought when you are dealing with the after-effects of a devastating incident. When a fire‘s cause may be suspicious, or when missing information leads to delays in insurance processing, legal support, and other next steps, businesses engage fire forensic experts to fill in key details to move the process forward.

Fahrenheit Global engages a certified fire support team ready to provide the information your business needs, including recommendations and expert witness support, to help you recover from the impact of a fire or explosion.

What is Fire Forensics?

Fire forensics come into play when experts need to determine whether arson was involved in the outbreak of a fire. The first determination fire forensic experts in Sydney must make in a possible arson case is the origin of the fire. Fire forensic experts plot the path the fire took and verify whether an accelerant contributed to the spread of the fire.

This process can be exceptionally challenging for the untrained, especially if a fire has destroyed the scene. An experienced investigator in fire forensics in Sydney examines onsite components including different types and colours of burn residue, how and where certain parts of a building fell, and information about the original framework of the building to determine how the fire started and where it travelled.

When it comes to determining whether a crime was committed, our fire forensic investigators in Sydney use the framework of the NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations. We use industry guidelines to provide an efficient and accurate assessment you may need to incorporate into subsequent insurance proceedings. Realistically, the vital information associated with every fire will not be found in a book. This is where the hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge of our cross-disciplinary fire forensic experts become so valuable.

Your First Call

Once the fire has been extinguished, if your business in grappling with aftereffects from insurance processing to legal demands to fears of arson or foul play, your first call should be to our Fahrenheit Global. To fully support the needs of businesses, we require our team of forensic experts to maintain a Master’s degree in Fire and Arson Investigations backed by professional experience in fire forensics.

Operating since 2002 as Fahrenheit Fire Engineers but rebranded as Fahrenheit Global in 2014 to more extensively service the fire and explosion investigation needs of businesses, we offer a post-fire asset that is invaluable to any business affected by a serious incident: clarity.

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