Fahrenheit Global Provides Fire and Explosion Investigation Services in Sydney

A fire or explosion in your business can happen in the blink of an eye and change everything. One day, staff members are sitting in comfortable and familiar surroundings they thought were safe. The next day, your facility is unrecognisable, reduced to soot and ash, and your team no longer feels safe coming to work.

Fire or explosion investigations become a necessary part of the process when a business is recovering from or rebuilding after a fire or explosion. Whether the cause of the fire was an overlooked issue with electrical wiring or a serious crime, your business needs to identify and fully explore how the fire began to put preventative measures in place and resolve outstanding legal and insurance-based concerns. Our company can provide comprehensive fire and explosion investigation services in Sydney.

When Does a Business Need Fire or Explosion Investigations?

After a fire has been extinguished, fire or explosion investigations can help your business to get a complete set of facts regarding causes, preventative measures, safety concerns, and next steps. When the scene of the event and most key identifiers have been reduced to ash, investigations professionals can provide the missing link between cause and outcome with information your business would never be able to uncover alone.

First, a fire and explosion investigation helps to determine the origin of the fire. A fire and explosion investigation in Sydney is particularly critical if your business suspects the issue at your workplace is the result of a crime. If your business experiences a devastating fire or explosion and believes arson or malicious activity is to blame, fire investigators will need to complete a full investigation to ensure you receive the appropriate post-incident assistance from your insurance company.

What Fire and Explosion Investigators Do

The route a fire has taken is typically very hard to recreate and track with the naked eye, especially when the location of the fire has been destroyed. Due to the complexity of a fire’s pathing, fire and explosion investigators must be highly trained in multiple fields to provide the insightful professional support businesses require after a fire or explosion. These professionals maintain an in-depth knowledge of fire science, fire chemistry, fire analysis, and evidence collection.

Part of the service our fire and explosion investigators provides to your business is the ability to act as expert witnesses in legal cases. Over and above certified fire engineers, our investigators are also trusted and highly respected in the fire and explosion investigation field for their work safeguarding the best interests of Sydney businesses.

Reliable Fire Investigation Services Fill in the Gaps

Fahrenheit Global provides you with qualified and accredited fire engineers for fire and explosion investigations. Serving the needs of businesses since 2002, we have worked to become the industry’s leading fire investigators. We offer you a range of fire and explosion investigation services to ensure you receive a complete understanding of an incident’s cause and a clear set of next steps to take to resolve legal matters, receive compensation, and promote ongoing safety.

We know fire survivors are eager to recover as quickly as possible. Our goal is to work quickly to determine the source of a fire or explosion so you can begin that recovery process and achieve peace of mind again.

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