How Fahrenheit Global Can Assist with Fire and Arson Investigations in Brisbane or Sydney

Historically, cases involving arson have been difficult to investigate, more challenging to solve, and even more difficult to prosecute. The reason for these challenges is simple: unlike other types of crimes, the act of arson often destroys most of the evidence that could be used to solve the crime or prove guilt. At Fahrenheit Global, though, our team is skilled in the art of fire and arson investigation. We often work with investigators, insurance companies, and courts to determine the cause of fires, offer knowledge backed explanations of how they occurred, and even testify to our findings in front of judges and juries.

Solving an Arson Crime: What We Do

The can be multiple motivations for a person to commit the crime of arson. Often, arson is linked to insurance fraud. A building owner might intentionally start a fire in that property to destroy it and take advantage of an insurance payout. If a property is physically deteriorating, or if the owner or landlord can no longer afford to keep up with payments, burning the building to the ground and collecting on the insurance policy might seem like an attractive option.

Other times, arsonists commit their crimes as a form of protest or extremist terrorism, as an outlet for revenge against a perceived foe or as a form of vandalism. Some criminals will even resort to arson as a means of concealing other crimes, from burglary to murder to the production of drugs. Simply put, there are many potential motives for the crime of arson.

As the last motive proves, fires are an effective way of destroying evidence of a crime or misdirecting investigators. The good news is that fires rarely destroy everything. Amidst the rubble and ash, it’s often possible to find evidence that hints at motives or directs a skilled fire investigator towards the cause of the blaze. Therein lies the importance of fire and arson investigation.

At Fahrenheit Global, our job is to identify these seemingly unidentifiable pieces of evidence and interpret them to determine what happened. With a team of skilled and exceptionally well-trained forensic investigators, we can uncover key facts that can either rule out arson or identify it as a potential explanation from the fire.

When we work with clients on fire and arson investigations in Sydney and Brisbane, one of the first things we tell them is that fires are not simple. On the contrary, fires—especially fires that spread throughout entire buildings and cause huge amounts of damage—are incredibly complex incidents. Only because our engineers carry master’s degrees in fire and arson investigations can we see the signs that other people—including criminal investigators—might overlook. Using these details, we can reconstruct the fire, formulate a computer model to simulate its growth and come to an educated conclusion on what precisely happened.

Trust Fahrenheit Global as Your Team for Fire and Arson Investigations in Brisbane or Sydney

Do you suspect that a fire at your home or place of business was the work of an arsonist? Are you a law enforcement professional looking to launch a fire and arson investigation in Brisbane or Sydney? If so, contact Fahrenheit Global today. We would be happy to explain our services in greater detail if you need additional background on what we do or why we are qualified to do it.