As a developer, you’ll know just how hard it is to maintain profit margins in a challenging economic climate. Fahrenheit Global understand that too. We also know that safety is important to developers and that a reputation for excellent safety standards can be a decision factor in the choice of developer for large-scale projects. That’s why we’re here to help developers enhance fire safety, whilst minimising costs and maximising the scheme’s profitability.

Fahrenheit Global is not associated with general engineering service providers, equipment manufacturers or insurance underwriters. This commercial independence enables Fahrenheit to act in a completely unbiased and independent manner, carrying out evaluations and solutions according to the highest standards.

Fahrenheit Global can work with you to regain millions of saleable building space by using innovative fire engineered safety solutions that minimise build costs whilst exceeding prescriptive building codes. In 2013 alone, we documented savings to developers of over AU$20 million by working closely with clients to understand their requirements and help them balance their safety obligations with their commercial goals. We can do that because we have proven fire safety expertise and a clear focus on financial realities: indeed, in some instances we’ve actually helped to make the difference between a project being shelved or going ahead.