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Fahrenheit Global Provides Fire Forensic Experts in Sydney

When we think of a fire, we think “destruction.” A fire spreads extremely fast and annihilates anything in its path. Years of memories, work, and comfort can be lost in the blink of an eye. Fires bring with them a large amount of heartache and devastation. … read more

The Power of Investigation: Reasons to Hire Professional Arson Investigators in Sydney

After the flames have been extinguished at the site of a fire, the most common question that follows is usually regarding how the fire began in the first place. In instances where arson may be suspected, or where it must be ruled out, a thorough … read more

How Fahrenheit Global Can Assist with Fire and Arson Investigations in Brisbane or Sydney

Historically, cases involving arson have been difficult to investigate, more challenging to solve, and even more difficult to prosecute. The reason for these challenges is simple: unlike other types of crimes, the act of arson often destroys … read more

Fahrenheit Global Provides Fire and Explosion Investigation Services in Sydney

A fire or explosion in your business can happen in the blink of an eye and change everything. One day, staff members are sitting in comfortable and familiar surroundings they thought were safe. The next day, your facility is unrecognisable, … read more

Cause and Origin Fire Investigation and Where to Find Fire Investigators in Sydney

When it comes to fires and arson, it’s essential to hire professional fire cause investigators to determine how the fire started. These investigators are often hired or retained by insurance companies and defence attorneys, but there are some key … read more

Fire Scene Investigation Services for all Businesses and Companies in Sydney

A fire investigation in Sydney involves the analysis of a fire-related incident. Whether it be a residential or business property or vehicle, a fire scene investigation of the Sydney incident is launched after the firefighters have … read more

Fire Investigation Companies in Australia Provide Valuable Fire Scene Investigation Services

Fahrenheit Global provides fire investigation services to private individuals and companies to determine the origins of a fire and to find out whether it was the result of natural causes or arson. Where there’s a claim for damage to property or … read more

Qualified and Experienced Fire Investigators for Sydney, NSW

Fire investigations require a systematic approach using knowledge and experience of basic fire science. Often, investigating a fire incident can be complicated and intricate yet having the right technical professional is critical to the successful … read more

Why Fire Forensic Investigators Play a Crucial Role in Future Fire Prevention

As fire investigators, our team members at Fahrenheit Global are responsible for determining the cause or origin of a blaze. This process is essential for numerous reasons, from determining whether a crime was committed somewhere along the line or … read more

The Importance of Hiring a Forensic Arson Investigator During Any Fire Investigation

It takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to determine the exact cause and nature of a fire. Through the process of arson investigation, forensic fire investigators can help aid the criminal justice system while representing their client’s best … read more

Common Causes of Commercial Fires and Where to Find Forensic Fire Investigation Services with a Skilled Investigator or Investigators

When it comes to determining – and preventing – the most common causes of fires, commercial and residential concerns are not exactly the same. Commercial buildings require some special considerations when pinpointing where, when and how a fire is … read more

When You Need a Fire Investigator in Sydney, Call Fahrenheit Global Private Fire Investigators

Regardless of whether a fire was accidental or the result of natural causes, negligence, faulty equipment, or arson, a private fire investigator is trained to collect and analyse evidence to identify the cause of a fire and to determine whether … read more

Is Your Building Safe? Find out with a Cladding Audit from Fahrenheit Global

Invest in the safety of your building with a cladding audit. At Fahrenheit Global, we understand the considerable risks associated with certain types of external wall cladding. If your building has not been audited with a specific focus on … read more

Manage Your Building Compliance with a Cladding Risk Assessment

Does your building need a cladding risk assessment? For most building classifications in New South Wales, the answer is yes. Certain types of exterior building cladding can pose major fire safety risks and have resultingly been banned in NSW … read more

Identify Ways to Increase the Safety of Your Building with the Help of Fire Safety Engineers

If you’re designing a new building, fire safety engineers can help. Fire safety is a great unifier in the worlds of construction, architecture, design, engineering and project planning. Every building needs designing and constructing with … read more