The Power of Investigation: Reasons to Hire Professional Arson Investigators in Sydney

After the flames have been extinguished at the site of a fire, the most common question that follows is usually regarding how the fire began in the first place. In instances where arson may be suspected, or where it must be ruled out, a thorough investigation is needed. Trained arson investigators, such as those available from Fahrenheit Global, have the experience and know-how necessary to sift through the clues at the site of the incident to determine whether foul play may have occurred.

What to Expect During an Investigation for Arson

To effectively evaluate and analyse the scene of a fire, investigators must use their extensive knowledge of fire behaviour and chemistry to piece together a plausible picture of the events leading up to the fire’s ignition, and what may have occurred after that point. Fires occur as the result of specific types of reaction that result in combustion (what we perceive as ‘burning’), which produces both intense heat and light. During an arson investigation, fire investigators will attempt to determine the three main components that must be present for this reaction to occur: a fuel source, an oxidant (source of air), and a source of heat energy. Once these factors are known, a clearer image of what led to the fire can emerge.

While the specific methods of arson investigators in Sydney may vary somewhat based on the circumstances, there are some general things you can expect to occur during a fire investigation. Investigators will meet with first responders and incident commanders to get an even better sense of what may have occurred, as well as to establish the status of the fire scene for such things as safety and integrity. Interviews with any potential eyewitnesses may be conducted, and the scene will be thoroughly documented using pictures, videos, written notes, and other physical means.

How to Arrange an Arson Investigation in Sydney

Having an experienced fire investigator is essential any time that arson is suspected. At Fahrenheit Global, our highly trained and accredited fire engineers can assess all types of incident sites for the tell-tale signs of arson. When you need an arson investigation in Sydney you can trust for thoroughness, our team is ready to respond and provide you with an accurate and comprehensive site assessment.

As part of our fire investigation services, we frequently work on behalf of building owners and insurers in a variety of ways, including acting as witnesses in legal cases involving fire. Our clients include several international blue-chip corporations like Rio Tinto and Loy Yang Power, yet no matter the size or nature of the enquiry, we pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and reliable service throughout Sydney and anywhere else, Australia-wide. Allow our highly qualified arson investigators to follow up on the scene of any fire and to help best represent you and your interests during a potentially trying time.

For more information about the arson investigation process, or to learn more about how Fahrenheit Global can safeguard you and your valuable assets, be sure to contact us with whatever enquiries you may have.